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We are a well-established Group company dealing with Health, Safety and Environment possessing long standing  experience of  over  two decades in the distribution of Equipment and Accessories in  Medical Segment  of leading companies like Siemens, AGFA, HITACHI, Olympus, etc. to name a few.

RAHYALS  in  their constant endeavor and vision with strong trust on its Core Values like People,Product and Process extended its wings into the Hearing Solutions of Healthcare segment where “Relationship Matters” is taken to the next  level of providing direct benefit to the Hearing Impaired and fulfillment of social responsibility.


Our break-through in retailing of hearing aid will offer you a clear peace of mind as we offer our clients the latest hearing aids with diverse technology which clearly meets their specific requirements.


At Rahyals we offer personal care to our each and every consumer who can relive their lives successfully with our simple yet quality hearing aid.    Our long presence and untiring focus with ever smile approach has coveted in bagging more than 1000 ( One thousand) hospitals and diagnostic centers as our perennial  client.  Our sheer mark  of Success is vouched by very many Satisfied and valuable consumers to march on …


We have a wonderful team comprising of expert audio metrician , consumer-care officials and of course the service professionals who give our clients the right advice at the right time.


Our mission

At Rahyals we stand for hearing aid and its unique service that gives our clients a new faith in life. Our new wireless accessories significantly reduce hearing effort throughout the day for hearing impaired people. One can get robust and reliable hearing aids that can free one from hearing impairment. We have promised to heal every hearing impaired individuals globally and to increase the quality of life for such people. There are a range of affordable plans for hearing aids. We are ready to offer service to every single individual with a clear analysis.

Our vision

We create a world of possibilities, so explore the limitless possibilities available and craft your own connections to a range of enabled devices used in everyday life. Our most sophisticated super power elucidation is for severe to profound hearing loss cases. More power, less size is our ultimate vision. Get ultimate performance with our wide-range of hearing devices. Get discreet, matching your hair and skin tone or in your favourite color as there are many elegances to select from that meet your definite yet specific requirements. It’s our pride to serve both nationally and internationally. Our objective is to bring individuals together and make lives richer by empowering human beings to reach their full potential in life.




No:67/1, GST Road, Tambaram
Sanatorium, Chennai - 47
Tel: 044-22413441
Landline: 044-22413441
E-mail: chennai1@rahyalshearingaid.in

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